Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Japanese actor Sato Takeru

Born on March 21, 1989, Sato Takeru-kun is a popular Japanese actor, known for his supporting character roles in the Japanese drama: "ROOKIES" and "Bloody Monday".It is debatable whether or not Takeru-kun has an oval shaped face or a diamond shaped face. However, his chin is narrow enough so that he is able to wear medium hairstyles. Takeru-kun is known for his coolness, which leads along to his crazy hairstyles.

Sato Takeru is in love with medium hairstyles. His kind of hairstyles involve a thick volumed haircut, bangs at the eye level, and puffy sides.Perfect! With such a delicate face, Sato Takeru is best with longer type of hairstyles. His hairstyles portray the popular hair trend of Tokyo! :)